Money clips are the new fad today for carrying your cash and cards. These "front pocket" wallets are small and streamlined to make carrying your money more discreet.

Money clips measure 2 7/8" X 8" when opened. A pump style spring clip is used to securely hold your cash and receipts.

  • Description: Custom floral
  • Finish: two toned in chocolate
  • Price: $250
  • Description: Floral MC-45
  • Finish: Two toned in saddle tan with metallic blue filigree
  • Price: $330
  • Description: Floral MC-57
  • Finish: Light oil/antiqued
  • Price: $175


Money clip :
Geometric (front only) - $100
Geometric (full) - $125
Floral (front only) - $125
Floral (full) - $175
Deluxe billfold/Roper wallet/Checkbook: Geometric - $110
Floral  - $150


Two/tri tone color  - $75
Buck stitching - $75
Filigree - $80


Billfolds and "roper" style wallets are built using prefabbed interiors from Chaylor-Fenneli from Australia. These interiors are made of durable kangaroo and calf leathers.

Available in natural, chocolate and black colors. Then Adam, designs and hand tools the covers and then skillfully marries the cover and interiors together to make the strongest and most durable high end wallets anywhere.

  • Description: Oak leaf and acorn with a san Carlos border and brand
  • Finish: light oil and antiqued
  • Price: $150
  • Description: Custom floral design with initials
  • Finish: Two toned in black
  • Price: $225
  • Description: Roper style with custom floral and double weave combo tooling with brand.
  • Finish: Two toned in black and antiqued
  • Price: $225
  • Description: Custom full floral tooling with filigreed backgrounds
  • Finish: two toned in a light brown oil day with metallic turquoise filigree and double stitched
  • Price: $305

Deluxe billfold interior

Roper wallet interior

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